Student Tested, Parent Approved

An Open Letter to Our Community

Throughout our community‚Äôs history we have come together to serve our children through our schools. We have been through a lot and through it all we relied on our common goodness and love of community to keep us together. My own efforts over the years have come from the heart and my relentless desire to pitch in where I can.

My experiences in the classrooms, in the athletic arenas, and as a teacher advocate give me a unique perspective of the workings and priorities of schools. It’s a given that the highest priority is to best serve our students, but let’s remember those in the trenches day in and day out. If we forget our educators, or put them on the ‘back burner’ we might lose them to other districts. To recruit and retain the best and brightest we have to place them above ‘stuff’. This imperative issue and others, coupled with a potential shift in board seats, has compelled me to continue serving our community as a school board member.

I hope to once again secure the votes of those who share my goals and aspirations for MUSD.

Larry Allen
MUSD School Board as President of the Board

Join the Campaign!

I hope to count on your support in this election. If you are already planning to Vote Allen, please let me and others know by adding your name to my list of endorsements or getting involved with the campaign at some level.

“Larry Allen has been steadfast in his commitment to our schools, teachers and students at MUSD. He has done the difficult work of powering on through keeping a district running while others stepped down. He gave guidance to multiple new Superintendents and an Interim Superintendent even as our divided community made the lives of board members and staff difficult.  I firmly believe Larry has what it takes to keep us moving forward in the right direction because he knows how to stay focused on the important task of running our district. Vote Larry Allen for MUSD School Board.”

David Leonard
Former Cobb Elementary Principal